This book will never let you be broke again.

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Are you constantly broke financially and wondering where your next cash will come from? 

Are you financially dependent on your family because you don’t have any stable means of income? 

You’ve been jumping from one quick-money-making scheme to the other, but that has never stopped you from being broke? 

You’ve heard and read so much about money and wealth yet you are constantly broke?

You work in a multinational firm and you earn 7 figures monthly, but you can’t just help the emptiness you have on the inside because you feel something is missing? 

You pray to God from morning till night yet every other person you see is successful but you? 

You’ve been thinking of how to do more, become more and achieve more for yourself, but lack clarity as to how to go about it? 

You’ve read many books on financial success but are always disappointed as no one shows you the practical steps to take to generate long-lasting financial success? 

You see many people being productive and achieving more in life, but your life just seems stuck and you don’t understand what exactly is the problem? 

You have enough money but you still feel terribly poor and empty, and you absolutely don’t understand why? 

I completely understand what you feel and why you care about reading whatever I have to share with you.
You see, I’ve personally been through all of those experiences up there. I mean, those questions you just read once described me. 
There was a time in my life when I wondered where my next meal would come from. Even when I started making money for myself, there were times I wondered where my next cash would come from. 
Before I started making money for myself, I was dependent financially on family and friends, and that made me lack freedom. Since I looked up to them for money, I couldn’t really pursue the things that were most important to me. 
I’m a Christian and I strongly believe in God, but there were times I would pray and pray, but still remain broke. It wasn’t that God wasn’t answering my prayers; it was just that I lacked wisdom at the time. 
But the same person who has gone through all those difficult experiences is now a man who has started and grown a company from scratch. 
I started my company with absolutely nothing — just my mobile phone and idea — but today, I run a company of over 10 staff members in Lagos and we’ve worked for over 100 clients globally. 
The young man who was once dependent on his family financially is now a man who runs his own family with a beautiful wife and a lovely son, and also has other people dependent on him. 
Now, I am able to do more, so I can become more and achieve more. But what changed? Definitely, something must have happened to the man I was before to birth the man I am now. 
That’s exactly what I have compiled into this book, HOW TO NEVER BE BROKE AGAIN. This book is a decade’s research and a practical guide that will move you from a place of nothingness to a place of true significance. 
If you’re tired and you desire to restore the spark of excitement in your life again; 
If everything’s going wrong and you are ready to do all you can to make it right; 
If you no longer want to be down and low all the time;
If you want to turn your career and life around for the better;
Then all you need is a copy of this book. Pre-order your copy now:

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This book challenges the way you think about money and money-making, and sheds light on how to excel in other areas of your life. 
It’s a 5-part masterpiece that will teach you:
• How to lay the foundations for generational wealth in any business. In this part, you will learn the five foundations to be laid for long-lasting wealth. 
• The principles of successful wealth creation, regardless of your starting point. This part will show you 11 imperative principles for attracting long-lasting wealth. 
• How to set up the right practical systems for continuous wealth creation. This part will show you the 5 practical systems you must put in place. 
• High-in-demand skills for wealth creation and financial success. This part will teach you the necessary skills you need in this 21st century. 
• How to consistently make money from any part of the world right from the comfort of wherever you may be. This part will show you the several money-making strategies I have applied to start making money, and how you too can. 
Finally, I wrote this book with the desire to enlighten people, especially Africans, on the secrets contained in the FPSSS formula to conquer the demon of poverty that has ravaged Africa. 
There is only one thing I promise you in this book: YOU CAN NEVER BE BROKE AGAIN. 

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I have read quite a lot on riches and wealth and all I have deduced is "They are all saying the same thing". Alas, the moment I read through the table of contents of this one, I knew I was in for a transformation. In fact, the moment I saw the mindset part, I knew Mr Emmanuel is dealing with the core.
Odunayo Sonde
Author, Singles’ Web
I must say this book contains deep-seated secrets and long-lasting principles to becoming wealthy. This is indeed a masterpiece.
Oladejo Oluwatosin
Content Creator, Blogger, Writer.
Mr Emmanuel Olatunji did a thorough job when it comes to the subject of wealth.
Godstime Efeni
Content Creator, Content Writing Coach, Ghostwriter.
No one can attain any great feat in life being broke. This book with 5 awesome parts cannot be ignored.
Jennifer C. Ihunna
Writer, Editor.


Emmanuel Olatunji (EGA), the Exceptional Being, is a writer, author, life coach, public speaker, and publisher. He is a certified Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management coach from the prestigious SOBCA, as well as the New Skills Academy.
He has written several powerful books on writing and personal development, including Book Title Blueprint, Writer’s Manuscript, Millionaire Writer’s Blueprint, 15 Ways To Choose Affluence Over Poverty, Earn From Your Talent, What Is In Your Hand?, Book Publishing Code, amongst others.
He is the founder and CEO of TEBEBA Global Publishing Ltd, a leading publishing and writing firm in Nigeria; lead tutor at TEBEBA Academy, an online school for creatives; a life coach and personal development expert; and the brain behind TEBEBA  Writers’ Community, a community that helps, raises, and inspires exceptional, influential, and money-making writers globally.
Emmanuel Olatunji is happily married to Oluwashindara Olatunji, the love of his life, and they are blessed with an amazing son, Emmanuel Tedd Olatunji.
He blogs his thoughts @


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